lewis heads for cityStriker Academy’s Lewis Spencer, aged five years old, has been spotted by Manchester City F.C. scouts and invited to trial at the world renowned Platt Lane Training Complex.

Lewis has been training with Striker Academy since he was three years old and his meteoric rise has not come about by chance. Head Coach, Imtiaz Jamil explains,

“Lewis is a hard working player that showed commitment and a zeal to learn from the first day I saw him. His older brother, Jack, was training a full year before Lewis could train with us but he never sat there and watched big brother from the side lines. He was always going along with the games and drills mimicking what the older boys were doing. It used to bring a smile to everyone’s face and I could see he was really keen to get involved.”

Imtiaz continues,

“It’s that keen attitude and a love for the game that is now starting to show signs of fruition. I have every confidence that Lewis is going to blossom into a very special player and the experience at Manchester City’s Academy will be excellent for him and give him a taste of what may come if he continues to train the right way with the right attitude.”

Lewis will now train at Manchester City and also continue his training at Striker Academy Soccer Schools, something he and parents Mike and Sarah are very passionate about.

Father, Mike says,

“Both Lewis and Jack love coming to Striker Academy and we’ve seen the huge benefits both have gained from training here. They learn skills and build their confidence and take that to their teams on the weekend. The coaches at Striker Academy have given them an amazing head start in football, something we are grateful to Imtiaz and his team for.”

Striker Academy provide football training for toddlers, juniors and youth players aged 18 months to 13th birthday. They also provide 1-2-1 coaching for players of ages six plus.